Meat Pie «Chrysanthemum»

Meat Pie "Chrysanthemum"

The recipe for the Chrysanthemum pie with minced meat stuffing … It’s also good to add a bit of grated cheese to the filling, so it will be much tastier.

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Chicken in Pepper.

Chicken in Pepper

A simple and quick recipe for cooking a delicious chicken baked in pepper. This gorgeous dish can be basic or serve as a snack, moreover, it can be served hot or cold.

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Homemade Tea Sausage.

Homemade Tea Sausage

Today I came to you with a wonderful … tea sausage! I did not even expect it to be so delicious! I advise everyone to try! Prepared for a few minutes, and the pleasures will get a lot!

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Easy Chicken Pie.

Easy Chicken Pie

Excellent dietary and very easy, and most importantly very tasty pie with chicken breast.

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Homemade Hard Cheese.

Homemade hard cheese

Prepare homemade hard cheese is not so difficult. Such cheese can be safely given to a baby, because there will not be any aromatic additives and coloring agents.

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