Marble beef in Imperial with asparagus.


Marble beef gets its name because of the thin, evenly distributed fatty layers, on a section resembling natural pattern of the noble stone. During cooking, they gradually melt, filling beef juice, whereby it acquires a unique softness and tenderness.

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Curd donuts.


There are many different options for donuts. We suggest you to try cheese donuts today. They get very tender and juicy.

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Feta cheese sauce.


This sauce is based on favorite Greek cheese can be a favorite of your buffet table. It’s very simple: it’s great to crispy chips, bread or toast lozenges. Our advice: try and apply the sauce to baked potatoes.

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Flavored water.


Flavored water — this is the perfect compromise between the use and taste. We offer you today to try unconventional taste.

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Greek salad.


«Greek» or «Village Salad» — a bright, colorful and delicious salad that can adequately replace a main course because it contains proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

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