Asparagus and cherry tomatoes spaghetti.

Asparagus and cherry tomatoes spaghetti

Asparagus spaghetti is a light lunch, with a very appealing look.

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Beef goulash.

Beef goulash

A traditional Hungarian dish, popular all over the world now.

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Vegan pancakes.

Vegan pancakes

Pancakes recipe without milk or eggs – suitable for vegans or during fasting.

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Egg breakfast.

Egg breakfast

This breakfast is full of protein, so you’ll be able to resist the feeling of hunger until noon.

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Potato salad.

Potato salad


● Potatoes (5 pcs.),
● Onions (1 pc.),
● Marinated cucumbers (3 pcs.),
● Sunflower oil,
● Bay leaf,
● Salt,
● Pepper,
● Greenery.

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