Creme brulee with cottage cheese.

Creme brulee with cottage cheese

This is an unrealistically tasty dessert, children simply adore it! In addition, he is preparing elementary.

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Mushroom sauce spaghetti.

Mushroom sauce spaghetti

Easy-to-cook spaghetti recipe and very nourishing, too.

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Semolina Cakes.

Semolina Cakes


● Semolina — 1 glass,
● Sour milk or yogurt — 1 glass,
● Egg — 1 piece,
● Baking soda — Half a teaspoon,
● Sugar — 1 glass,
● Flour — 1 glass.

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Egg liqueur, eggnog.

Egg liqueur, eggnog

Egg liqueur ( or eggnog ) is a traditional beverage made with milk, sugar and whipped eggs. Reduced complexity, ready in 60 minutes.

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Asparagus and cherry tomatoes spaghetti.

Asparagus and cherry tomatoes spaghetti

Asparagus spaghetti is a light lunch, with a very appealing look.

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