Four Healthy Breakfasts for Women.

Four Healthy Breakfasts for Women

To feel good all day, start the morning with a healthy breakfast, which will not spoil your figure.

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Yeast Patties with Apples.

Yeast Patties with Apples

Delicious homemade patties made of yeast dough with apple filling. Before serving, they can be sprinkled with powdered sugar.

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Honey Cake with Prunes and Nuts.

Honey Cake with Prunes and Nuts

Appetizing and delicate honey cake is a dessert that has gained popularity in many countries.

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Chebureks on the brewed dough.

Chebureks on the brewed dough

This recipe for chebureks, cooked on a brewed dough, has been tested for years. The dough turns out amazing, it is better not to find.

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Sassy Water for Weight Loss.

Sassy Water for Weight Loss

What is Sassy Water: In simple terms, it is an ordinary water infusion of cucumber, lemon, ginger and mint leaves. The infusion is ordinary, but the whole benefit of this drink lies in the products that are used for its preparation.

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