Chocolate mousse with strawberries and mint.

Chocolate mousse with strawberries and mint

Light, delicious summer strawberry dessert with mint and chocolate.

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Parfait with kiwi and pineapple.

Parfait with kiwi and pineapple

Easy French dessert made from whipped cream with kiwi, pineapple and chocolate.

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Sangria with tropical fruits.

Sangria with tropical fruits

Tropical Sangria from white wine with coconut rum, juices and fresh fruits will be the main drink at a summer party.

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Dairy-free chocolate and apple cake.

Dairy-free chocolate and apple cake

This sweet cake is prepared without adding dairy products and eggs, so it is suitable for lean food.

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BLT salad with corn.

BLT salad with corn

BLT salad is a classic of American cuisine. Its obligatory ingredients are bacon, lettuce and tomatoes.

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