Strawberry sangria.

Strawberry sangria

Strawberry sangria with peaches, oranges and lemon is perfect for a summer party.

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Potato pizza with tomatoes and bacon.

Potato pizza with tomatoes and bacon

We cook pizza from potatoes in the oven with bacon, tomatoes, herbs and cheese.

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Fried new potatoes in a frying pan.

Fried new potatoes in a frying pan

To cook a delicious side dish, cooked until half-prepared, fresh potatoes should be fried in oil until golden brown.

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Vanilla cheesecake with berries.

Vanilla cheesecake with berries

The recipe for a summer cheesecake with vanilla, yogurt and fresh berries.

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Strawberry cheesecake in cups.

Strawberry cheesecake in cups

A quick cheesecake with strawberries is prepared in just 10 minutes. Instead of strawberries, you can use raspberries.

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