Roasted salmon steaks with vegetables.


Cook fried fish in a garlic marinate and garnished with green beans, green peas, and tomatoes.

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How to make Japanese omelet with vegetables.


Step by step recipe Japanese Stuffed Omelette Roll with vegetables. This is a simple, quick and delicious breakfast.

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Salad Garnet Bracelet for the New Year.


Salad Garnet Bracelet has long been a traditional New Year dish in Russia, along with Olivier salad and herring under fur coat salad.

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How to Make Norwegian coffee


The original recipe of Norwegian coffee gives it a special taste. At the request of the drink, you can add honey.

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Honey cake with condensed milk.


Each family has its own secret recipe for a mouth-watering «honey cake», but we want to offer you a basic version of the cake with cream of caramelized condensed milk.

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