Mexican Guacamole Sauce

Mexican Guacamole Sauce

Guacamole is a cold appetizer based on avocado puree. The classic recipe guacamole provides for the addition of lime juice, also uses tomatoes and sweet peppers, coriander.

Guacamole can be prepared in a different consistency: more liquid, blended — for sauces, with small pieces — for pasta. We offer the second option and the avocado will be ground with a fork. In North America, guacamole is eaten with corn chips, we can use it in tandem with Mexican cuisine.


● Avocado — 2 pcs.
● Lime juice — 1 tbsp.
● Sea salt — 1/2 tsp.
● Garlic — 1 clove
● Sweet pepper — 1 pc.
● Red onion — 1 pc.
● Sliced cilantro — 1 tablespoon.
● Ground cumin — pinch


1. Cut in half the avocado, remove the stone, peel.
2. Mash the fruit in a bowl with a fork or potato masher to the desired consistency.
3. Add the lime juice, salt. Stir thoroughly with a fork.
4. Add pepper, onion, coriander, cumin.
5. Pour the sauce into serving bowls, serve on the table.

Bon Appetit!!!

 Mexican Guacamole Sauce

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