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Meat rolls with ham and cucumbers.

Meat rolls with ham and cucumbers

Delicious meat rolls stuffed with ham and pickles, stewed in tomato sour cream sauce.

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Chicken rolls with bell pepper and olives.

Chicken rolls with bell pepper and olives

Prepare delicious rolls of chicken fillet stuffed with feta, baked bell peppers, herbs and olives.

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How to cook the sausages in the dough on skewers.


Recipe sausages on skewers in the dough, fried in deep fat.

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Hawaiian chicken sandwich.


Recipe for juicy sandwich with chicken breast, fried with onions, pineapple and barbecue sauce. Slices of pineapple in the barbecue sauce gives it a delicious sweet taste.

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How to make Japanese omelet with vegetables.


Step by step recipe Japanese Stuffed Omelette Roll with vegetables. This is a simple, quick and delicious breakfast.

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