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Chicken Muffins with Cheese Stuffing.

Chicken Muffins with Cheese Stuffing

Chicken muffins with cheese stuffing — original, easy and delicious!

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Homemade Hard Cheese.

Homemade hard cheese

Prepare homemade hard cheese is not so difficult. Such cheese can be safely given to a baby, because there will not be any aromatic additives and coloring agents.

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Chebureks on the brewed dough.

Chebureks on the brewed dough

This recipe for chebureks, cooked on a brewed dough, has been tested for years. The dough turns out amazing, it is better not to find.

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Creamy homemade cheese.

Creamy homemade cheese

Mixing buttermilk with sour cream, two days later you will receive a divine snack!

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Marinated peppers in Armenian style.

Marinated peppers in Armenian style

Having tried once, it will become your favorite snack for a lifetime.

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