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Salad «Berry»

Salad "Berry"

This salad is very simple to prepare and looks beautiful on the table.

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Salad «Gentle»

Salad "Gentle"

I cook it often, it is not only very tasty, but also not expensive.
I recommend!

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Salad «Gourmet»

Salad "Gourmet"

Wonderful light salad! It is very simple, but at the same time very tasty.

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Lilies of the valley salad with ham and prunes.

Lilies of the valley salad with ham and prunes

This beautiful festive salad can be made from any ingredients to your taste and decorated in the form of lilies of the valley.

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BLT salad with corn.

BLT salad with corn

BLT salad is a classic of American cuisine. Its obligatory ingredients are bacon, lettuce and tomatoes.

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