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Pizza Rolls — Bolognese

Pizza Rolls - Bolognese

This pizza is very convenient to take with you to work or a picnic and children will appreciate, because it is much more convenient to hold in hand than a thin slice of traditional pizza.

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How to cook Pizza with Strawberries and Chocolate

How to cook pizza with strawberries and chocolate

Recipe for dessert pizza especially for sweet tooth. It is prepared with chocolate, nuts and fresh berries.

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Potato pizza with tomatoes and bacon.

Potato pizza with tomatoes and bacon

We cook pizza from potatoes in the oven with bacon, tomatoes, herbs and cheese.

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How To Make Awesome Pizza at Home.

How To Make Awesome Pizza at Home

This recipe for a pizza dough finally calmed my taste. For a very long time I looked for it and now, gastronomic happiness has come. I bake them immediately for 2-3 pieces.

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Sunshine pizza.

Sunshine pizza

This pie is delicious, warm, with a juicy filling and tasty cheese top.

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