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Potato pizza with tomatoes and bacon.

Potato pizza with tomatoes and bacon

We cook pizza from potatoes in the oven with bacon, tomatoes, herbs and cheese.

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How To Make Awesome Pizza at Home.

How To Make Awesome Pizza at Home

This recipe for a pizza dough finally calmed my taste. For a very long time I looked for it and now, gastronomic happiness has come. I bake them immediately for 2-3 pieces.

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Sunshine pizza.

Sunshine pizza

This pie is delicious, warm, with a juicy filling and tasty cheese top.

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Lenten potato pizza.

Lenten potato pizza

Nourishing baking will help to cope with temptation during the Great Lent.

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Pizza in a pan with tomato and mozzarella.


For this lazy pizza in the pan do not even need to prepare the dough: it base — flat bread pita.

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