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Ideas for Valentine’s Day: How to make a strawberry with cream.

Simple, easy and delicious berry dessert Valentine’s day.
Strawberries filled with cream — it is a unique way to enjoy the taste of fresh berries and a really good dessert for a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day. In addition, strawberries with cream can be included in the menu buffet table, where these simple desserts are always welcome.


Before you start cooking, be sure to try the strawberries make sure that it is as good as the taste and appearance. It is important that the base of the berries was flat, that they are firm and not overturned, when they are filled with cream. If necessary, the need to cut the green stems or lower part of the strawberries: so it will be more stable.

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Apricot candy.


Holiday candy that you can make and give to friends and relatives.

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Caramelised mandarins.


These mandarins well keep their shape, so it is quite suitable for Christmas tree ornaments.

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Fish salad with caviar.


The recipe for a delicious festive salad.

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New Year dishes: Salmon steak with mustard sauce.


If you do not have access to a full grill, such a dish can be successfully prepared in a pan grill.

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