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Salad Garnet Bracelet for the New Year.


Salad Garnet Bracelet has long been a traditional New Year dish in Russia, along with Olivier salad and herring under fur coat salad.

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Crab salad with prunes.


Festive salad with crab sticks, boiled eggs, hard cheese and prunes with mayonnaise.

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What to prepare for Halloween: a festive chocolate recipe.


Halloween — a mystical holiday, which is celebrated on October 31 on the eve of All Saints. Funny homemade chocolate will not only create the right atmosphere of the holiday, but also give a good mood and will appreciate its taste.

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Recipes for Halloween: apple monsters.


You do not know what to prepare your child for Halloween? These monsters funny apple with strawberry and peanut butter — perfect!

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The pumpkin bread with garlic and pepper.


Delicious home-made bread with pumpkin, garlic and hot chili pepper.

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