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Detox Smoothies from Berries with Chia Seeds.

Detox Smoothies from Berries with Chia Seeds

Fruits and berries, which are part of smoothies, will help to fill the balance of vitamins, and chia seeds will purify the body and keep the heart healthy.

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Ηow to Make Candied Cherries.

Ηow to Make Candied Cherries

Cherries, covered with the finest layer of fine sugar, are a universal decoration of many desserts, for example, French parfait, English and American fruit cakes and the German Black Forest cake.

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How to Make Blueberry Mousse.

How to Make Blueberry Mousse

Dessert from whipped cream, blueberries and two kinds of chocolate.

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German Quark Donuts.

German Quark Donuts

Quarkballchen — They are made relatively quickly, a wonderful and tasty dessert.

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Homemade sweets «Cow».

Homemade sweets "Cow"

How easy to make these beautiful, homemade desserts.

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