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Cheese balls with tangerines.



● White bread (toast) — 90g.,
● Cheddar cheese — 125g.,
● Gouda cheese — 125g.,
● Tangerines — 3 pieces,
● Garlic — 3 cloves,
● Cream (33%) — 40 ml.,
● Coconut flakes — 50g.

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Low-calorie dessert of fermented baked milk.


This dessert contains a minimum of calories and is suitable for dietary nutrition. It can be supplement fruits, berries or nuts.

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Candy from dried fruits.


Recipe useful sweets that are prepared without butter, sugar and chocolate.

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Cake «Potatoes» in Russian.


Favorite cake, the taste of which is familiar to all from childhood, it is possible to cook at home. We offer you classic recipe.

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Peaches on a grill in a dark rum with caramel ice-cream

Peaches on a grill in a dark rum with caramel ice-cream


A stunning dessert that melts in your mouth. Once you try it, you can not refuse yourself the pleasure to make another batch.

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