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How to Make a Cake with Chocolate Cookies.

How to Make a Cake with Chocolate Cookies

This delicious biscuit and chocolate dessert does not require baking. Before serving, the cake should be sprinkled with coconut chips.

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Simple cake with strawberries.


The recipe for a simple and delicious cake with strawberries on yogurt.

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Lemon cheesecake.

lemon cheesecake

Cheesecake — a famous American dessert, which is made from biscuits and cream cheese with different additives. Today we will prepare it with honey and lemon.

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Liver cake with eggs and carrots.


If you love chicken livers, cook out of it, this delicious snack cake.

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Cottage cheese cake with mandarin oranges.


Recipe Christmas fruitcake with a cottage cheese, raisins and tangerine juice.

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