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French Toast with Strawberries.

French toast with strawberries

The French knowingly are considered gourmets, because even from simple bread they can cook a delicious breakfast.

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Vegan pancakes.

Vegan pancakes

Pancakes recipe without milk or eggs – suitable for vegans or during fasting.

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Egg breakfast.

Egg breakfast

This breakfast is full of protein, so you’ll be able to resist the feeling of hunger until noon.

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Pancakes with spinach and salmon.

Pancakes with spinach and salmon

We offer a recipe of delicious pancakes with fish filling.

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Dietary cheesecakes.


Aromatic cheesecakes for breakfast with jam — a great start to the day. Many try not to cook them often due to the fact that the recipe includes wheat flour, butter and sugar. However, there is a way of making this delicacy without harm to the figures, and health. At the same time the recipe cheesecakes always turn out fluffy and very gentle.

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