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Vegan pancakes.

Vegan pancakes

Pancakes recipe without milk or eggs – suitable for vegans or during fasting.

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Egg breakfast.

Egg breakfast

This breakfast is full of protein, so you’ll be able to resist the feeling of hunger until noon.

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Pancakes with spinach and salmon.

Pancakes with spinach and salmon

We offer a recipe of delicious pancakes with fish filling.

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Dietary cheesecakes.


Aromatic cheesecakes for breakfast with jam — a great start to the day. Many try not to cook them often due to the fact that the recipe includes wheat flour, butter and sugar. However, there is a way of making this delicacy without harm to the figures, and health. At the same time the recipe cheesecakes always turn out fluffy and very gentle.

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Croutons with fried egg and sausages for breakfast.


Breakfast — one of the most important elements of the day, so it should be not only delicious and hearty, but also beautiful and appetizing. Even from the usual sausages can be cooked a little culinary masterpieces.

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