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Mojito with strawberries and lemon.

Mojito with strawberries and lemon

Summer recipe mojito — with berries of fresh strawberries, golden rum and lemon.

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Sangria with tropical fruits.

Sangria with tropical fruits

Tropical Sangria from white wine with coconut rum, juices and fresh fruits will be the main drink at a summer party.

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Strawberry sangria.

Strawberry sangria

Strawberry sangria with peaches, oranges and lemon is perfect for a summer party.

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Egg liqueur, eggnog.

Egg liqueur, eggnog

Egg liqueur ( or eggnog ) is a traditional beverage made with milk, sugar and whipped eggs. Reduced complexity, ready in 60 minutes.

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Smoothies «Good morning»

Smoothies "Good morning"

This drink is a great remedy for fatigue. If you are overwhelmed by sad thoughts — this smoothie for you too!

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